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Story Teller

Directing a 150 member cast and crew to tell classically English stories to 800+ seated Indian audiences is a challenge and thrill of its own. From college to professional theater, I’ve changed many hats as actor, director, costume and set designer. Each production brings its own challenges and a kick. Little did I know that all this theater would shape my career trajectory.

I was introduced to Ameen Haque (ex-O&M) and the Storywallahs. There we explored how to use stories and story structures as a tool to create change, while also learning the tribulations of starting up. However, the stories from that book are worth sharing. We worked with young tech founders like InMobi and helped them craft their growth story. We created a volunteer pitch-call for GreenPeace and conducted workshops for data analysts to effectively tell the story behind their numbers. We even created a curriculum for parents to have ‘the talk’ with their kids and for teachers to engage with their students better. Our training ground was performing and testing material with the most unforgiving but unconditionally loving audience of the Spastics Society of India.

It’s made me firmly believe that the best stories happen to people who know how to tell them.

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