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What I set out to do was a degree in Industrial and Production Engineering (IP). What I came out with, was four years of theater, with a penchant for storytelling and music as a form of expression.

I grew up in the iconic University town of Manipal, as one of the three girls in the batch of IP. While the curriculum was a struggle (barring the occasional subjects like Operations Management and Work-Time Management), the audacity and the vivaciousness of the campus prepped me to handle any challenge that could be thrown at me. Not just how to put processes to madness, but also how to put logic to emotion and derive solutions through iteration.

I continued the path of an Engineer by working with Ashok Leyland in the Supplier Quality Management team.

Till date, I find my theories tested as I work with Engineers and Coders to create tech and product enabled Branded Utility Solutions.

Manipal Institute of Technology


Ashok Leyaland