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Design Strategist

My first stint in advertising was anything but normal. I joined a team fashioned around think tanks of the world such as RGA and IDEO. A team was set up of unlikely bedfellows- aeronautical engineers, filmmakers, sports editors and product designers who would bring in different perspectives to create solutions for human problems.

The process of arriving at insights, iterating solutions and creating prototypes opened up my world to Design Thinking for me. Curious and as more of a self validation, I took to learning the theory in the form of a second Masters program from Emeritus-a collaboration between MIT Sloan and Tuck University.

Armed with the tools, I was able to guide my team into creating branded solutions for problems such as empowering teachers to help girls stay in school during their periods or creating a bot that would train parents for the long nights of baby monitoring and even guiding motorists through rain and avoiding collisions around blind curves.

This form of thinking pushes me to re-invent even the way we look at traditional mediums and formats of advertising.

Emeritus Post Graduate Diploma

Innovation and Design Thinking, 2019

Ogilvy Masterclass in Behavioural Economics