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Creative Strategist

Leo Burnett is a culture where your seniority does not define your ability and a great idea can come from anywhere. From a fresh hire in an incubated team, to leading it as a Brand Strategy Partner. Six+ years in Burnett has been a playground to learn and grow from.

Apollo taught me that as a planner if I could come up with an amazing insight, or know the problem, I’m also probably the best person to come up with a solution. That’s what being a creative strategist meant.

While the first few projects went servicing shows across India’s famous GEC Star Plus, the true taste of advertising hit with a first pitch to Google India. Working with a global conglomerate honed my skill sets as a strategic planner. From then I’ve serviced and creatively executed projects for brands such as Twitter, Tinder, Skechers, Lee, Adidas, Roposo and P&G to name a few.

I also use this experience to create Marketing Strategies for start-ups in the Social Development and Health Space.

Brand Strategy Partner Leo Burnett


Consultant, HumSafer


Consultant, The Apprentice Project


Consultant, Little Peaches India


Co-Founder, The Hemp Cow